Community Work

Galería Octágono is a community-based art project in the northern mountains of Heredia, Costa Rica, with textile art being its most important component. It offers traditional bed quilts, wall quilts, art quilts as well as an assortment of small quilted items.
The textile side of the gallery embraces the Cerro Danta Women’s Collective, which provides women and their children with income and educational opportunities as well as a means of incorporating art into their everyday lives.
Rustic wooden furniture is the second side of Galería Octágono, and it is rapidly gaining popularity for its original designs and affordable prices.
We invite you to browse through the gallery and adjacent blog, where we encourage you to share your comments with other visitors.

—Richard and Silvia
Handmade Work

Hand work is time consuming and, obviously, not commercial.

However, what started out as a necessity for our artists, who live in the mountains and often own no machines or gadgets to make their work easier, soon became a trademark of fine craftsmanship and uniqueness in design.

Mind, hands, patience and very simple tools are what we still use today, and feel proud of our accomplishments.
Below are four of the various handmade items in our gallery.
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