Bed and Breakfast

(The curtains of Mi Casita were made by hand)

Our cabin has hot water, cable TV, and fully equipped kitchen. You may use our own computer and laundry room at home according to your needs.

We offer transportation to and from airport, bus, or car rental depot. We live at 5.000 feet elevation, very close to the Continental Divide in the town of San Rafael de Heredia, north San José.

Quilting with Silvia: Whether you consider yourself a beginner or an experienced quilter, enjoy stitching in a garden environment, and meet Silvia's collective of women and children.

Sightseeing and hiking with Rich: Walks or hikes on rural roads, through meadows and along rivers.

Longer hikes to waterfalls and cloud forests. One-day trips to volcanoes and similar attractions. San José city tour of museums and Central Market.

Camping and longer trips: Rich is also available if you plan ahead, which gives you the advantage of considering/avoiding regions according to present weather conditions.

We're used to catering to our guests' dietary needs. We often enjoy eating at the BBQ hut under the moon.

For a list of prices, click here. We can help you have a great Costa Rican experience !

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